Gears and Grills Summer Cookout

"Join the SFBC and fellow hungry cyclists for a moderately-challenging,
scenic summer ride
to a tailgate cookout (destination TBD). No fee to participate — except
for your delicious pot-luck contribution! If you want to "cook out,"
bring a
camp stove and a tasty dish to grill, glaze, boil, or braise.
Otherwise, bring a side dish to share. Don’t forget plates and
utensils! And an extra
layer (or two), this is SF after all."


This Week in Livable Streets Events

An exciting week of livable streets discussions lies ahead, with a well-earned cookout to round things out. Here are the week’s highlights. Tuesday: SPUR Evening Symposium: The Post-Carbon City: Planning for abundance in an era of dwindling resources. A panel will discuss Eco-Urbanism, "a movement that emphasizes sustainability, as planners promote green buildings, ‘closed-loop’ architecture […]

Longer Trains May Be No Match for Growing Caltrain Crowds

Caltrain’s rush hour trains have never been more crowded, which isn’t just uncomfortable for riders — it also discourages potential commuters who instead drive along Peninsula highways, and makes rides more difficult for elderly passengers and riders with disabilities. Commuters could see some relief in 2015, when Caltrain plans to extend the length of some of […]

SVBC Car Free Happy Hour

"Save a spot on your calendar and join us for a Car Free Happy Hour. Come see what your fellow riders look like without their helmets. The second Happy Hour event will again take place at The Old Wagon Saloon and Grill in San Pedro Square. The Old Wagon Saloon with its wide open patio […]