SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Federal housing legislation and the built environment

"From the creation of the Federal Housing Administration in 1934 through the HOPE VI program of the last decade, federal housing legislation has had a tremendous impact on cities and regions. Doug Shoemaker of San Francisco’s Mayor’s Office of Housing, Dianne Spaulding of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California, John Stewart of John Stewart Company, and Victor Rubin from PolicyLink explore the role the federal government has played in housing over the past century."


SPUR Lunchtime Forum: An update on HOPE SF

"HOPE SF seeks to revitalize eight of San Francisco’s severely distressed public housing sites by creating thriving, mixed-income communities, without displacing current residents. With Craig Adelman of the Mayor’s Office of Housing, Richard Gross of Enterprise, Ramie Dare of Mercy Housing, Jack Gardner of the John Stewart Company, Michael Johnson of Em Johnson Interest, and […]

The Feds’ Tentative Steps to Legalize Mixed-Use Housing Don’t Go Far Enough

For a long time, apartment buildings with ground-floor retail were the building blocks of America’s cities and towns. Combining housing and commercial uses is also essential for walkability and affordability, enabling people to travel shorter distances for their daily routines and get around without driving. But in most of the country today, it’s practically impossible to build or […]