Always Wear a Bullet-Proof Helmet

diez.jpgThe shooter, Charles Diez.

Here’s some incredible out-of-town road rage, via TreeHugger.
A motorist in Asheville, North Carolina was so incensed by the sight of
a father biking with his 3-year-old kid mounted on a rear seat, that he
pulled over and fired a gun at the cycling dad’s head:

Police said the driver, Charles Diez, claimed he was upset that the
victim was bike riding with his child on the heavily traveled Tunnel

pulled a gun and opened fire, hitting the victim in his bicycle helmet,
according to police. They said the bullet penetrated the outer lining
of the helmet but did not actually hit the victim’s head.

a firefighter, has been charged with attempted first degree murder.
We’ll see how the "I shot the father to protect the child" defense
holds up in court.


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