Eyes on the Street: Timber! San Jose/Guerrero Plaza Gets Tree Stumps

3871055638_38bc28f193.jpgThe construction of Guerrero Park. Flickr photo: throgers

It may be the most dramatic Pavement to Parks implementation yet: at the intersection of San Jose Avenue and Guerrero Street, enormous logs have arrived that will form the backbones of planter beds. The Planning Department’s Andres Power provides an update:

Logs that form the backbones of planter beds have all been installed and cut to size. Boards that will connect the logs are being fabricated on site.  Dirt and gravel will be brought in over the next few days, and the trees and landscaping will be delivered Thursday morning.  Plants will be planted on Thursday and Friday, and possibly, into early next week.  A bunch of neighbors will be turning out at 10AM on Sunday to help with planting and painting of the log ends.  The roadway surface will be treated the beginning of next week.

By Wednesday of next week, the plaza should be complete. The transformation of the space is already striking. More pictures of the construction after the break.

DSCN0706.JPGPhoto courtesy of Andres Power.
3871062570_966ecd9cab.jpgFlickr photo: throgers
3867525513_78c9c45862.jpgFlickr photo: throgers


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