SPUR Lunchtime Forum: The story of William Stout Books

"William Stout, owner of San Francisco’s eponymous bookstore, William Stout Architectural Books—and, as of late September, SPUR’s new neighbor—will tell the story of his store, which first opened as an urban salon for local architects in 1978. He’ll also talk about his publishing arm—which has produced books on architecture, urbanism and design theory—as well as his adventurous forays into building his own private collection of nearly 10,000 volumes."


The cityscapes of San Francisco

From SPUR: In conjunction with the release of his first book, Cityscapes: San Francisco and its Buildings, San Francisco Chronicle urban design critic John King will talk about “10 ways to look at a city” — everything from cultural battlefields to architectural collage, art exhibitions and measuring rods. Join us for a discussion about what’s taking shape […]

Parks as evolving artifacts

From SPUR: Urban planner Alexander Garvin’s newest book, Public Parks: The Key to Livable Communities, offers a comprehensive study of public parks, from their history and evolution to planning, location, site adaptation and design. Garvin will demonstrate the importance of public parks, as continually evolving artifacts in our cities, in understanding the functioning of cities and suburbs. […]