SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Planning Portland

"Prior to leaving his post as Portland, Oregon’s first Chief Urban Designer in late March this year, Arun Jain completed a working blueprint for Portland’s Central City from which great public places and spaces can be created over the next 25 years. It is also a basis for creating a resilient city intended to protect, enhance and create its cherished environment and character. The plan provides a dynamic means for cities to foster uniqueness and counter uncertainty."


Portland’s Greenstreets Program a Sterling Best Practice Model

A typical greenstreet facility in Portland, Oregon. This one compines a stormwater treatment facility with a bulbout to reduce pedestrian crossing distances. Photos: Portland BES. When Streetsblog San Francisco took part in the Congress for the New Urbanism’s Project for Transportation Reform in Portland last week, city planners and transportation engineers treated participants to numerous […]