Bay Area Transit Chiefs Assume Leadership Roles at APTA

nat_ford_ribbon_small.jpgMTA CEO Nat Ford. Photo: foggydave

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) announced its newly elected executive committee today at its annual meeting in Orlando, Florida, and Bay Area transit bosses will be taking prominent roles that could influence the nation’s transit priorities. San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) General Manager and CEO Michael J. Scanlon is the new Vice Chair and San Francisco MTA Executive Director Nat Ford is the new Secretary/Treasurer. APTA’s new Chair is Mattie C. Carter, Commissioner of the Memphis Area Transit Authority.

MTA Board of Directors Chairman Tom Nolan applauded Ford in a statement: "Ford’s election to this important leadership post in the transit industry strengthens San Francisco’s voice in crucial national discussions about the future of public transportation in this country, particularly on the challenge of how we will pay for it…. His involvement at the highest levels of APTA will continue to help the SFMTA both learn from and inform the best practices of our industry.”

In other MTA news, the agency has recently posted its job announcement for the Director of Sustainable Streets position, which, as we’ve reported, could be a very positive change within the agency to prioritize the city’s Transit First policy. The Director of Sustainable Streets would, among other duties:

  • Coordinate the development of the Agency’s strategic plan, long-range goals, objectives and policies
  • Develop policy and direct planning, designing, and environmental clearance of capital programs and services in the SFMTA’s multi-modal transportation network
  • Oversee street operations which include installation and maintenance of traffic signs, signals, meters and markings
  • Manage off-street parking facilities (include approximately 15,000 spaces in City-owned garages and lots)

Here’s hoping they find a strong voice who can help convince the city’s leadership to innovate and embrace bold transportation initiatives.


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