Eyes on the Street: Week in Review

plug1___2_small.jpgPhoto: plug1

Here’s your weekly round-up of photos from our Flickr pool. Thank you as always and please do send more our way. A selection of others after the jump.

Showplace_Square_small.jpgThis used to be a parking lot at Showplace Square. Photo: geekstinkbreath
city_hall_in_glasses_small1.jpgCity Hall in his glasses. Photo: getinet
it__s_g_small.jpgPhoto: plug1
meligrosa_2.jpgPhoto: meligrosa
plug1_small.jpgPhoto: plug1
stop_driving.jpgGood advice. Photo: Matthew Roth


Eyes on the Street: Week in Review

Photo: plug1 Wow, what a beautiful bunch of uploads the Streetsblog community has been tagging for our Flickr pool!  Please keep it up. And plug1 (a.k.a. whatimseeing.com), you rock; we’d put more of your photos up, but we don’t have that much server room.  Thanks all for the contributions and please keep sending them our […]

Eyes on the Street (and in the Sky): Week in Review

Proud young pedestrian. Photo: busbozo Great to see so many children out for Walk to School Day this week. An absolutely beautiful photo of this little girl above. And good lord was it intense to get buzzed by the Blue Angels! I never want to be on the target end of our military.  Thanks as […]

Eyes on the Street: Golden Gate Velo

Photo: meligrosa Thanks to all of you for contributing these wonderful photos to our Flickr pool. We hope you’ll continue to upload scenes from our streets so we can showcase your good work. Also, we’ll be taking Monday off in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and will see you back on Tuesday. Don’t […]