Today’s Headlines

  • Better Market Street Trial Gaining Broad Support (SF Examiner)
  • Examiner Editorial: "City Can No Longer Afford to Write Off Unpaid Muni Rides"
  • Residents Still Upset About Terminus Location for the 2-Clement (SF Examiner
  • NY MTA Chief Wants to Talk About Discount Off-Peak Subway Fares (NYT)
  • Crossing Guard Hired for Oak Intersection Where Girl Was Killed in Hit-and-Run (BCN via CBS5)
  • Tune Into KQED’s Forum at 10 a.m. for a Discussion on Extending Parking Meter Hours
  • Sac City Council Will Regulate Valet Parking (Sac Bee)
  • Meters on Balboa Street Will Now Allow Two-Hour Parking (Richmond District Blog
  • Engineers Suing Metrolink Over Plan to Install Cameras (AP via SF Gate)
  • Congressional Reps Challenge L.A. Mayor Over Subway Expansion Funding (LAT)
  • Sac News & Review Writes About the Sacramento Police Crackdown on Fixies  
  • Austin Gets Its First Sharrows Today (A2W via
  • zsolt

    That Examiner editorial contains a nice little paragraph about the parking meter plans, and how they affect the poor poor drivers.

  • Yeah, and I like how they say “MUNI” is the one pursuing the parking meter extension. Um, MUNI is a part of SFMTA, not the whole thing.

    “piling even greater stress on drivers foolhardy enough to live in or visit San Francisco.” That is also a great line. If you own a car in SF and feel the need to drive it everywhere, then you are foolhardy!