Streetfilms: Veronica Moss Goes to Times Square

She’s back! Veronica Moss, D.C. lobbyist for the Automobile User Trade Organization (A.U.T.O.), recently returned to New York to get her first look at the new, pedestrian-friendly Times Square. Her views may rankle some in the livable streets camp, but we think it’s important to note that some influential people out there just abhor walking, socializing, and the freedom to safely enjoy public spaces.

  • Jim T

    Wait, this ISN’T comedy?? This must be comedy! Well, if she’s serious, then I think she can’t be doing anything but HELPING us out with this video, because it is just fantastic to see Times Square this way. And I expect most people will feel that way.

  • Jim T

    OK, it is comedy. Jokes on me. 🙂

  • I love her longing for the “sassy” Expedition and watching the video billboard of the car commercial in the car-free plaza. Both must have been impromptu? Good eye for irony.

  • the greasybear

    Brilliant–a Colbert-like figure for the livable streets movement!

  • Great to see Veronic back! I love her!


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