Today’s Headlines

  • Suspect in J-Church Muni Stabbing Arrested (SF Gate) (N-J Chronicles) (NBC)
  • BART Plans Increased Police Presence on Trains (SF Weekly)
  • Is Barney’s New York Store the Newest Ally of Those Opposed to the Central Subway? (Examiner)
  • Don’t Like Suburban Big Boxes? Target’s Bringing Itself to Mint Plaza for Holidays (Examiner)
  • Plans for Revamping Hallidie Plaza Could Include a Reservoir (SF Gate)
  • Ridiculous Road Rage Event Ends Well, Sheep Causing Traffic Delay along 237 (Merc)
  • Man in Car Killed by Amtrak Train in Oakland (SF Gate)
  • Police Asking Public for Help Finding Suspect in Hit-and-Run That Killed 4-Year Old (Sac Bee)
  • Sacramento Man Convicted for DUI in Crash That Killed 87-Year Old Woman (Sac Bee)
  • Former San Mateo Officer Convicted of Misdemeanor for Drunken Crash (SF Gate)
  • Lots of Questions, Few Answers in Fatal Sonoma Family Crash (Press Dem)
  • House of Sonoma Family Killed in Crash Ransacked, Car Stolen (NBC) (ABC)

More headlines over at Streetsblog Capitol Hill.

  • Well, if the city won’t listen to the residents on how stupid the Central Subway is, but a huge retailer with some financial pull can shut the waste of money down.

  • I meant to say ” but maybe a huge…”

    Also, I can’t believe that story about the Sonoma family getting robbed. It is a sick world out there.

  • Isn’t that awful, Mike? I was thinking of titling that headline with something much more rueful.

  • I’ll be honest, I rode BART on Thanksgiving to go for a ride in the East Bay Hills and the trains were just crawling with cops. While I feel safer and appreciate seeing SFPD on Muni more and more now, the BART cops seem like a thuggish and roguish bunch.

    It’s probably their recent spats of violence, but it is also just how they comport themselves. The one cop in the car I got onto gave me shit for asking him if I could slide my bike near him to put it in the disabled/bike space in the car–some shit about how I could just leave it there and not hold onto it. No shit man.

  • meant to write: “how I could not just leave it there”