Today’s Headlines

  • SF Voters May Consider Vehicle License Fee Increase to Fund Transpo (SF Examiner, City Insider)
  • Muni Buses to Get Dirtier? Daly Calls for Hearing on Muni Cleaner Layoffs (City Insider)
  • "Pedaling Forward:" Guardian Writes About Bike Improvements and Partial Injunction Lifting 
  • Chronicle Letter to Editor Asks: Why No EIR When Cars Destroy Urban Space? 
  • AC Transit to Give Away $5 Translink Cards to 200 Passengers (SF Gate)
  • LA Metro Boosting Marketing  (The City Fix  via Yglesias
  • Inspectors Discover Two Steel Plates Loose on Bay Bridge (ABC7)
  • Press Democrat: "Errant Driver Turns Parking Meter Into Missile" 
  • Lots of American Cities Competing for Federal Streetcar Funds (Infrastructurist)
  • Scenes From Copenhagen Climate Summit: Denver Mayor Wowed By Bicycling City (Democracy Now)
  • Stunning Subway Stations From Around the World (Design Boom)

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Editor’s note: The Streetsblog SF crew is in New York City this week for meetings with our colleagues. We’ll be posting lightly for the remainder of the week.