Today’s Headlines

  • SF Voters May Consider Vehicle License Fee Increase to Fund Transpo (SF Examiner, City Insider)
  • Muni Buses to Get Dirtier? Daly Calls for Hearing on Muni Cleaner Layoffs (City Insider)
  • "Pedaling Forward:" Guardian Writes About Bike Improvements and Partial Injunction Lifting 
  • Chronicle Letter to Editor Asks: Why No EIR When Cars Destroy Urban Space? 
  • AC Transit to Give Away $5 Translink Cards to 200 Passengers (SF Gate)
  • LA Metro Boosting Marketing  (The City Fix  via Yglesias
  • Inspectors Discover Two Steel Plates Loose on Bay Bridge (ABC7)
  • Press Democrat: "Errant Driver Turns Parking Meter Into Missile" 
  • Lots of American Cities Competing for Federal Streetcar Funds (Infrastructurist)
  • Scenes From Copenhagen Climate Summit: Denver Mayor Wowed By Bicycling City (Democracy Now)
  • Stunning Subway Stations From Around the World (Design Boom)

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Editor’s note: The Streetsblog SF crew is in New York City this week for meetings with our colleagues. We’ll be posting lightly for the remainder of the week. 

  • dang — a hearing for everything. how about a hearing for all the cars that seem to be driving into and over people?

  • the greasybear

    I too have been wondering about EIRs, automobile infrastructure and obstructionist tactics lately. Perhaps livable streets advocates should borrow from Rob Anderson and sue to stop or severely delay any new infrastructure aimed at facilitating private automobile usage within the city, pending plodding, multi-year EIRs?