Rally for Justice and Jobs at MTC

From TransForm:

This is it.

We have a real chance – over the next five days – to get $70 million in federal stimulus money for the Bay Area’s public transportation agencies.

We can stop many of the brutal service cuts and fare hikes that are happening region-wide.

We can save hundreds of jobs on the chopping blocks at transit agencies.

This historic win is truly within our reach.

The feds have put the stimulus money for the Oakland Airport Connector boondoggle on hold because BART didn’t do adequate analysis of this $500,000,000 taxpayer nightmare.

This Wednesday, the Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission can choose to use the stimulus money from the Oakland Airport Connector to save jobs and transit service across the Bay Area!

Help send a powerful message to MTC to save transit and jobs:

1. Rally for justice and jobs on January 27 at 9am in Oakland.

2. Send an email to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

3. Spread the word on Facebook and follow what’s happening on Twitter.

4. Send this email to everyone you know who cares about public transportation.

If the Metropolitan Transportation Commission doesn’t make the right choice, this $70 million could be lost entirely for the region.

With your help, we’ll be having a victory party for public transportation on January 28.

Thanks for your help,


Stuart Cohen, Executive Director


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