Today’s Headlines

  • Los Gatos Cyclist Killed by Driver Had 7-year-old Daughter; Driver Probed for Drugs, Alcohol (Merc)
  • Well-Known Nevada County Bicyclist Killed by Driver on Hwy 174 (The Union)
  • Traffic Injustice: Why Can’t We Do Anything About the 700 Annual Bicyclist Deaths? (Bicycling)
  • Mayor’s Office Claims Muni Fail Tweets Aren’t Overwhelming His Account: Time to Tweet! (Autopia)
  • Newsom: Elsbernd Proposal Making It Tough for Muni to Secure Labor Concessions (City Insider
  • Central Subway, Van Ness BRT, AC Transit to Get Federal Transpo Funding (SF Gate)
  • New Toyota Dealership Opens in Oakland: KCBS Gives Glowing Coverage; ABC7 Takes Recall Angle
  • Merc Editorial: "VTA Can’t Just Cut Costs, It Has to Innovate" 
  • Oakland Tribune Editorial Calls on BART to Review What Went Wrong at West Dublin Station
  • Parking Fees to Rise in Beijing (CRI English)
  • Melbourne’s Swanston Street Goes Car-Free (Herald Sun)
  • NYT: Success of Car-Free Times Square Hinges on How Much Traffic Speeds Improved
  • Anders

    Not to nitpick–well, yes, to nitpick–but the Central Subway, Van Ness, and AC Transit money is through the New Starts and Small Starts programs, not the one-off stimulus funding package (which didn’t do nearly enough for transit in any case).

  • You’re absolutely right Anders. I’ve fixed it. Note to self: Never do headlines again without caffeine. 🙂

  • Don’t forget that the Alameda Point vote is today.

  • At the pedestrian safety shindig hosted by the MTC last Friday in Oakland, one of the speakers pointed out how many more folks pedestrians have died from car collisions than the number of general population folks who have died from the H1N1 virus … what gets on the main news?