Delightful Density: A Presentation by Planner Dan Zack

"Come see planner Dan Zack, renowned for the incredible success of Redwood City’s Downtown revitalization and innovative parking system, to deliver his presentation, Delightful Density: Strategies for Comfort, Convenience and Choice in the Cities of the New Reality."



Talking Headways Podcast: Sharing a Ride to the Future

This week's guest on Talking Headways is Zack Wasserman, head of global business development at Via, a ride-hailing company headquartered in New York. We talk about Via’s role as a trip provider, as well as a software builder for transit agencies, and how we can get more people sharing rides. We also discuss how transportation systems are likely to change in lower density places and the role of technological and policy innovation in both the public and private transportation sectors.

SF Bike Share Will Be “For Anybody Who Wants to Make a Short Trip”

The SFMTA has released a preliminary map of potential bike-share station locations (H/T Cyclelicious for inputting them into Google). San Franciscans are burning with curiosity about the imminent arrival of bike share this summer. At a forum held by the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association yesterday, participants wanted to know details like where the […]

El Camino Real Is Open for Business: A Breakfast Forum

From Greenbelt Alliance: Details: Event is free—light breakfast, coffee, and tea will be provided Please RSVP by March 15 Photo Credit: Jacobo Tarrío via Flickr Greenbelt Alliance—as a member of the Grand Boulevard Initiative along with Joint Venture Silicon Valley, the Valley Transportation Authority, and the Santa Clara County Public Health Department—presents the final Walk […]

SunnyvaleCool Talk: Neighborhoods for Every Generation

From How did our suburbs become so car-dependent? Why might we consider redesigning certain parts our cities to provide more housing and transportation options? What are some guidelines for creating the inviting, walkable, more-urban neighborhoods preferred by increasing numbers the population? Dan Zack, respected Downtown Development Coordinator for Redwood City, discusses trends in the […]