SPUR Walking Tour: Albion Castle

"The Albion Castle in Hunter’s Point was originally built as a brewery in 1870 atop freshwater springs. Its original brewmaster dug 300-foot caverns in its basement to serve as reservoirs. For 20 years after Prohibition, the water was supplied to San Francisco for drinking. The castle has fallen in and out of repair over the years, but recent owners have restored it, and it is once again for sale. Come and learn about the castle’s fascinating history, plans for the future and its role in the city’s waterscape." 


Wigg Party One-Year Anniversary Party

From Wigg Party Facebook: Come out to the Sunshine Castle for a very special Wigg Party One-Year Anniversary Party featuring Bikes & Beats! Over the past year, the Wigg Party has grown from an idea a few friends had into one of the nation’s leading urban sustainable community organizations. To celebrate our amazing year of […]

The Ghost Streets of San Francisco

Ghosts cavort where Castro Street should be! Intrepid explorers of San Francisco regularly stumble upon the many ghost streets that still hide all over town, rewarding the patient pedestrian for their diligence. Mostly they are on hillsides where steep grades impeded road building at earlier moments in history, but they’re still presented as if they […]

McMansions Fading Away?

Just a few months ago we were being told—erroneously, in our view–that the McMansion was making a big comeback. Then, last week, there were a wave of stories lamenting the declining value of McMansions. Bloomberg published: “McMansions define ugly in a new way: They’re a bad investment –Shoddy construction, ostentatious design—and low resale values.”  The […]

Thinkwalks: Transportation History Ride

From Thinkwalks: Golden Gate park is a canvass on which the city’s ambitions were sketched. San Francisco was the first major city on the coast. We’ll discover many firsts in the Park because it was where ideas were tested. The city’s history exactly matches the 160 years of transportation revolutions. We’ll see where a major […]