SPUR Lunchtime Forum: ShakeAlert: A new earthquake warning system for the Bay Area

"Perhaps the scariest thing about an earthquake is that you don’t know when it’s going to hit. But what if you had a little warning? The California Integrated Seismic Network has been testing early warning systems statewide on the real-time seismic networks and have successfully been able to detect the shaking of an earthquake before it was felt, showing that seconds to tens-of-seconds of warning are possible. The CISN is now developing a prototype—called "ShakeAlert"—to provide warning to a small group of users. Learn about the methodologies, past performance, challenges and future plans for ShakeAlert. With Richard Allen, associate director of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory."


SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Learning from Chile

"The recent 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile lasted for 90 seconds and was felt by 80 percent of the country’s population. What were the effects of the earthquake on the built environment and the people of Chile? What does San Francisco have to learn? Join seismic and policy experts Laurie Johnson, Jack Moehle, Chris Poland […]

The Transformative Potential of Bike Sharing

Can a bike-sharing program transform a city? To mark the second anniversary of the Vélib system in Paris, Streetsblog Network member World Streets has a post arguing that it can, if it’s done on a sufficient scale: One of the complaints currently being voiced in the UK press about the new public bike start-up in […]