Today’s Headlines

  • MTC, Regional Transit Operators Want Local Control of Taxes for Transit (NY Times)
  • Sac Bee Op-Ed Calls for Broad National Infrastructure Vision, Steady Transit Funding
  • CA Transit Projects Seen as Model for National Transit Funding (SF Gate)
  • High Speed Rail Bond Could Fund Local Operator Improvements (Examiner)
  • Examiner Looks at Pending Muni Riders Union
  • Mayor Gavin Newsom Seeks Muni Rider for MTA Board (NBC, SF Gate)
  • 1st Sunday Street of Year Brings Large Crowds to Embarcadero (SF Gate, KCBS)
  • DPW Will Repave Portions of The Wiggle Ahead of Schedule (Bike NOPA)
  • Biking 250 Miles of the Bay Trail in Five Days (NY Times)
  • Cyclist Hospitalized in Berkeley After Hit-and-Run (CoCo Times)
  • SF Appeal’s Entertaining
    of Myopic NYTimes SOMA
    Parking Piece
    From Friday
  • Bay Area Bad Air Will Force Transportation Projects to Get Strict on Pollution (KCBS)
  • South SF Letting Red Light Runners Off With Mere Warnings (CBS)
  • Investigators Can’t Replicate Runaway Prius Conditions, Drivers’ Veracity Doubted (ABC)
  • Mr. Roadshow Looks Into the Difficulty of Shifting Prius to Neutral at High Speeds
  • London Gets Copenhagen-Blue Bike Lanes (Copenhagenize)