Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Institutes Fee Increases on Residential Parking Permits (CBS, BCN via Appeal)
  • Van Crashes into Muni T-Third Train (CBS, ABC, KCBS, NBC)
  • Mayor Newsom Still Accepting Nominations for MTA Board (SF Appeal)
  • SF’s Old Streetcars Languish and Rot in Missouri (Market St. Railway)
  • Chronicle Op-Ed: BART Civil Right Complaint Hurt Oakland
  • Palestinian Activists Put Up Protest Posters in BART (Oak Trib)
  • Bay Bridge Eyebar Fracture Is Design Flaw on Every Other Eyebar, Too (KALW)
  • Extension and Debate on High Speed Rail Environmental Document (Merc, SF Biz Times)
  • Berkeley Could Daylight Strawberry Creek (NBC)
  • Transpo Groups Hopeful Earmarks Will Improve Marin, Sonoma Issues (Press Dem)
  • Feds to Ban Texting by Bus, Truck Drivers (Fast Lane, AP via Merc)
  • Mission Credit Union Offers Bike Loans (SF Appeal)
  • 30 Days of Biking in April Campaign Goes Global (Minn Star Trib)
  • Motolicious Encourages Drivers to Stop Using Phrase "Car Enthusiast"
  • Microsoft and Ford Strike Deal on Electric Car-Charging Meter (AP via Merc)
  • Despite Stuck Pedal Scandal, Toyota Sales Jump 40 Percent in March (AP via CoCo)
  • “Then, out of nowhere, a small group of connector opponents began pushing for a rapid bus concept.”

    Out of nowhere? There were MANY letters written and even one of their own board members was telling them to do their homework.

  • patrick

    wow, that’s pretty cool that a credit union is offering bicycle loans!

  • patrick

    I get it now, the whole OAC project was merely a set up for this one April fool’s day joke by the chronicle. That’s the only way any of the project makes any sense. Well played chronicle!

  • Check this BS out…

    I would have to move or quit my job. Not getting another car…

  • John Murphy, WTF? Why did this just drop out of the sky from nowhere? If Caltrain goes belly up I am screwed. I’m not getting a car period. Why is it that the Bay Area want’s people to drive? Green my ass.

  • Joseph

    Wow. What the hell is that.

  • patrick

    yeah, it’s pretty wild that Caltrain could go under, and I can’t believe there’s been very little coverage of it.