Get Ready to Celebrate Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area

3533938388_7756f45991.jpgSmiling bicyclists enjoy Bike to Work Day 2009. Photo: Bryan Goebel

Some bicycle advocates have called 2010 the year of the bike. Across the country, cities are seeing growing numbers of people biking, and in the Bay Area tomorrow, that pedal power will be on vivid display for Bike to Work Day

Last year in San Francisco, the SFMTA counted a record 200,000 cyclists for Bike to Work Day and considering the exciting changes that have been happening on the city’s main thoroughfare, Market Street, in the last few weeks, those numbers are likely to dramatically shoot up Wednesday. The SFBC is planning 27 energizer stations across the city. Mayor Gavin Newsom and nearly every member of the Board of Supervisors plans to take part in VIP rides.

“Scores of people will be experiencing the comfort of bicycling in
the newly separated and now green Market Street bike lane for the first
time on Bike to Work Day,” said Renee Rivera, acting Executive Director
of the SF Bicycle Coalition.
“We are thrilled to have Mayor Newsom leading these exciting biking
innovations on Market Street, the city’s busiest biking street. This is a
great first step towards a separated bikeway the full length of lower
Market Street.”

Energizer stations are also being set up all over the Bay Area. You can find your nearest energizer station here. The Bay Area Bicycle Coalition has been working on helping to organize Bike to Work Day events in the Bay Area’s nine counties.

“Bicycling is growing in popularity all over the Bay
Area and we’re expecting hundreds of thousands of people to choose to
bike to work this year,” said Andrew Casteel, regional coordinator for
Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area. “Biking to work is a fun and easy way
to get in shape, save money and help the environment. Bike to Work Day
is the perfect time to start riding your bike for everyday transportation."

The Streetsblog crew will be out tomorrow documenting Bike to Work Day but we encourage you to send your photos to our Flickr pool. John Hamilton, our Bay Area Streetfilms producer, will be using some of the photos for a Streetfilm on Bike to Work Day that you’ll see on Streetsblog tomorrow evening. So send in your photos as soon as you can and have a great Bike to Work Day! 

  • I think there should be a bike to work day once a month, at least during the nice months (Apr/May – Oct). This one a year thing makes it seem cliche. But once a month wouldn’t have the huge turn out that once a year has so the politicos wouldn’t have a photo-op.

    On that note, let’s see how Caltrain holds up tomorrow. Going to be a bumpy ride.

  • patrick

    I’d like to know which members of the BOS are not going to participate in Bike to Work Day. I know one is in a wheelchair, so that is perfectly understandable, but are any of the others not going to participate?

  • Nick

    I forgot to bring it up earlier, but BTWD always see a huge spike in bike theft. You can bet that some people are gathering tonight to plan tommorow’s heists.

    Use extra locks and fool-proof any allen bolts with tape or glue.

  • I didn’t see too much of a spike in bikers today on my ride. The train had a few more people then usual. The energizer station at 4th and King wasn’t up and running when I got there (6:30-40), but Redwood City had a nice little setup. One thing I did notice in RWC, a lot of non bikers were trying to get their mitts on the goodies and didn’t quite grasp that it was for people who came in via bike. I guess bike to work day is confusing to some.

    I hope a lot of people rode in the city and everyone was safe.

  • Sean

    Had the usual 3 or 4 cars using the bike lane as a parking spot. At Folsom and 6th a woman ran a red light, nearly plowed into a pack of cyclists, all while the friendly SFPD drove right on by.

    Safe riding!

  • @Sean, I usually get that on the way home on Embarcadero with the Ferry Building being a mecca for double parking in the bike lane and just pulling over with no signal. Maybe tonight will be better then last.

  • Sean


    Yeah, I really wish DPT/SFPD/whoever’s responsible in the city would step up enforcement. If for legal reasons it is going to take awhile to add additional infrastructure it seems like we could at the very least make what’s there safe and accessible instead of making it a socially acceptable place to park your car.

    Unfortunately my letter on that issue to Sup. Mirikami went unanswered (seriously — not even a canned response!). Guess he’s too busy fighting fois gras to help out.

  • Jen

    My experience this morning was perfect. Instead of my usual route, I decided to go all the way up Valencia (Cesar Chavez to Market), then take Market down to Battery, then wind up toward my office.

    Stopped to meet friendly volunteers at 22nd/Valencia outside of Valencia Cyclery, then stopped again at the Market/Battery location to check out the bike parking. Everyone I encountered was friendly and happy and celebratory. (I was also a little after the main rush of folks; left my house around 8:50.)

    The best part, I think, might have been riding with a giant group of folks through the new infrastructure on Market. I’ve stopped riding Market in the mornings in favor of a longer (7 miles vs. 5) commute, because it ultimately wasn’t making me happy in the mornings. Today was anything but. New painted bike lanes! Protected areas! Car-free zones! I hadn’t ridden them since shortly after the bike lane at 10th got shifted to inside the soft-hits. I’m not the type of cyclist that needs that type of system around me at all times to feel comfortable, but I won’t pretend it wasn’t really nice to just be surrounded by bicycles all morning.

    Kudos to all SFBC folk and all volunteers for a great event this morning.

  • @mikesonn, the Caltrain bike car may have freed up a little bit. A few regulars have joined a company group ride today. We biked all the way instead of carrying the bike on the train.

  • Where do you ride to/from? I can hold a steady pace and would like to see the SF to Peninsula route. A lot of the Googlers start way over in the Mission and I’d be coming down the east side of the city.

  • We didn’t go far. Our office is in San Bruno. We came down from Mission to 3rd St, then on to Tunnel Rd and through the office park in Sierra Point to SSF downtown and so on.

    The lady in the energizer station told us about the Google group who headed down an hour earlier. Good for them!

  • I think is the site for the googlers.


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