Today’s Headlines

  • More on TWU Deal and Potential Rollback of Muni Service Cuts (City Insider, SF Examiner, The Snitch)
  • AC Transit Directors Mull $11.6 Million in Service Cuts (Daily Californian)
  • LaHood: We Haven’t Endorsed Transit
    Operating Aid Bill
  • Obama Admits Mistakes in Spill Response, Won’t Admit Offshore Drilling
    Is a Mistake (NYT)
  • Charles Krauthammer Incapable of Connecting Deepwater Drilling to Oil
    Dependence (News)
  • Caltrain Gets Federal Waiver to Electrify Tracks (Merc)
  • SF Planning Commission Delays Decision on Mid-Market Development (SF Gate)
  • SF’s Blue Greenway, Part of the Bay Trail, Could Take Decades to Finish (SF Examiner)
  • Tesla Paid $42 Million for NUMMI Plant (SF Gate)
  • Critical Mass to Take a Beach Route Tonight (SFCriticalMass)

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We’ll be posting lightly today and taking Monday off for Memorial Day. Have a great weekend!

  • Did I read that CM map correctly? Are they going the wrong way down 3rd? Good luck with that one guys!

    Speaking of 3rd street, could we get some enforcement on the bus only lane?