Today’s Headlines

  • New Audit Finds Cable Car Fares Free About 40-Percent of the Time (SF Gate
  • Bicyclists Sue City of Seattle Over Crashes on Streetcar Tracks (The Seattle Times, Bike Portland)
  • Opponents Cause Raucous Meeting on High-Speed Rail in Menlo Park (Merc
  • Sacramento Amtrak Station to Get HSR Funds for Improvements (Sac Bee)
  • Sac Kings Forward Tyreke Evens Apologizes to Fans for Speeding Up to 130mph (CBS13)
  • San Jose, Sharks Reach Agreement on New Parking Structure (Merc
  • More Red Light Cameras Coming to San Rafael (Marin IJ)
  • Legislation Meant to Protect Drivers Tollway Information (Sac Bee)
  • Newsom Political Ad Touts His Help Creating "One of the Greenest Cities on Earth" (Sac Bee)
  • Women Who Bike Series: Constance Cavallas and Katie (BIKE NOPA, Bikes and the City

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Capitol Hill

  • Re: Cable Cars

    I’ve been the cable cars maybe two or three times, and I think I was only checked once – I was really surprised that they would ever not check.

  • “John Haley, Muni’s transit director, said the agency will soon deploy fare inspectors to make sure cable car riders are paying up.”

    Wait a minute, cable cars carry 68 people max, and they are all already staffed by two MTA employees, a conductor on every vehicle in addition to the gripman. Now Muni thinks they need to deploy fare inspectors on cable cars to get people to pay, rather than using them on buses and LRVs?

    More great use of limited resources, Muni!