Golden Gate Bridge Pedestrian and Bicycle Sidewalk Access Change

"Golden Gate Bridge sidewalk access will be altered by SF Marathon. East
and west sidewalks will open at 5 am. The public is advised not to
access the sidewalk until after 10 am as the parking areas and exits on
both sides of the Bridge will be closed until 10 am"


The Real Numbers on Golden Gate Bridge Bicycle Crashes

Flickr photo: -kÇ- The Golden Gate Bridge draws thousands of tourists who walk and cycle on the span for its vistas of the city and the sunsets.  Its sidewalks are also a major commute route for hundreds by daily bicycle commuters. And that means sometimes bicycles and pedestrians collide. Local news hounds have jumped to […]

Cyclist Outcry Forces Delay on GG Bridge Speed Limit Vote

Golden Gate Bridge directors today tabled their staff’s surprise proposal for a 10 mph speed limit for bicycles after outraged cycling advocates denounced the plan as everything from a “half-baked idea” to a “solution in search of a problem.” The bridge’s Building and Operating Committee received more than 60 complaints prior to the hearing, then […]