SPUR Lunchtime Forum: The new Central Subway corridor

"Fourth Street in San Francisco’s South of Market district is slated to
be a new $1.3 billion transit investment in the form of the new Central
Subway corridor. The project is near the Fourth and King Caltrain rail
yards, a major opportunity site. How will this transit investment shape
land-use decisions? With planners Peter Albert, Sarah
and Michael Yarne."


Central Subway Gets Approval to Enter Final Design Phase

The proposed Union Square Station. Image courtesy SFMTA. The MTA received approval from the Federal Transit Administration on Thursday to enter into Final Design for the Central Subway project. In a letter (PDF) that also echoed concerns from some local transit advocates about the project, the FTA officially approved the MTA’s request to move into […]

SF Civil Grand Jury Rips Central Subway, Calls for a Redesign

The grand jury issued a damning report on the planned Central Subway this morning, calling on the SFMTA to redesign the project “to better serve the San Francisco population,” and hire an independent auditor to determine whether the $1.5 billion price tag is realistic, given the pattern of increasing estimates, and the fact that city […]