Today’s Headlines

  • AC Transit Service Should Return to Normal Today Following Judge’s Ruling (SF Gate, CBS5)
  • SF Supes to Consider Legislation to Toughen Penalities for Muni Crimes (SF Examiner, City Insider)
  • Board Will Also Vote on Lease of Two Hayes Valley Parcels for "Proxy" Project (SF Gate)
  • SFPD Looking for Driver Who Killed Man in Hit-and-Run in the Mission (SF Gate)
  • Cops Also Looking for Driver in Tenderloin Hit-and-Run That Left Man Injured (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Danville DUI Driver Arrested in Bike, Ped, Car Crashes Had History of DUI (SF Gate, Merc)
  • San Bruno’s Draft Transit Corridor Plan "Envisions New Heights" (Daily Journal)
  • Unincorporated Monte Sereno to Consider "Zoning for Multi-Family Housing" (Merc)
  • Banned Pesticide Was Used During Construction of Novato Bike Project (Marin IJ)
  • London Launches New Bike Sharing Program (CNN via Bike Portland)
  • Gulf Oil Spill the Worst Ever (NYT); NY Post: So What?
  • How Hollywood Humiliates the Car-Free (Slate)

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  • Winston

    Regarding the Slate article:

    The reason that non-drivers are treated as losers and misfits in film is that for most Americans (including most folks in the Bay Area) the ability to operate a car is a basic requirement to function in society. Consider that there are around 2.9 million jobs in the bay area, and about 350,000 folks take transit to get to them. Of the small number of people who commute by transit, the vast majority have access to a car, either because they own one, or because they can rent one easily. Further, of those 2.9 million jobs, fewer than 1 million are reasonably transit accessible, which means that by not having access to a car you lack access to the vast majority of the job market. Being unable to access a car also severely limits your social and recreational opportunities. The fact is that even in the bay area being unable to access a car leaves you a social and economic cripple. You don’t have to like this, but understanding this is the key to why people choose to drive here.

  • Sprague

    (Also responding to the Slate article) just as Hollywood may negatively portray those who don’t own cars, it seems that shiny, new cars have long been a staple of Hollywood films. Perhaps the placement of clean, new cars in so many Hollywood films is a form of paid advertising, but it does reflect poorly on the importance of status symbols and consumerism in our society. On the other hand, the lack of such well preened cars in many foreign films is noticeably refreshing.

  • Nick

    That Slate article would be pretty accurate for SF about 10 years ago. Bike racks and panniers used to be viewed with disdain. Now nearly every pretty girl riding through the Panhandle sports one.

    The tide is defintely changing. Most of the credit goes to the SFBC and their members for constantly pushing for change over the long years.

  • A couple new mapping tools out today: BART’s new trip planner uses Google maps to give door-to-door multimodal trip directions (biking or walking to and from BART stations), and Bing Maps can now calculate estimated taxi fares: