Today’s Headlines

  • SF’s First Post-Injunction Bike Lane Will Be Installed Today on Townsend (SF Examiner)
  • And More Coverage of the Injunction Lifting from SF Gate, BCN via CBS5
  • Faulty Traffic Signal Disrupts Underground Muni Metro for 5 Hours (SF Examiner, SF Gate
  • John King: "Temporary SF Bus Station Suits the Times"
  • Marin IJ Asks: "Did Marin Lose Out on BART?"
  • Street Food Oversight Would Move from SFPD to DPW Under Dufty Legislation (SF Examiner
  • More on California High-Speed Rail’s Refined Peninsula Routes from SF Gate
  • Mountain View Officials Claim HSR Station Would Require 3,000 Parking Spaces (Mountain View Voice)
  • Top Obama Adviser: Climate Change Legislation Still Possible After Election (The Hill, Politico)
  • Why the Lack of a Transpo Bill Threatens Transit More Than Highways (Citiwire)
  • Dallas Morning News Contributor Gets Excited About SF’s Historic Streetcars 
  • Anchorage Pols Might Pass One of the Dumbest Traffic Laws Ever (Bike Anchorage)

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  • @BART to Marin:

    “[Supervisor Steve Kinsey] believes BART would have led to unprecedented growth that would have transformed Marin into an East Bay-like suburb.”

    As opposed to the wonderful, walkable, transit rich growth you now enjoy in Marin? Ha. They just didn’t want those in society unable to afford a car to have access to their sanctuary.

    Well, that and GGB wanted all the toll money it could it. But if that was really the issue, they could have tacked on “toll” to any BART trip that crossed the bridge.

  • I think the bigger story isn’t so much how Marin lost out on BART, but on how San Francisco’s Northern neighborhoods lost out on BART

  • SteveS, I was thinking the same thing.

  • Yeah, Marin was just kind of the extra. But Geary or Lombard/Union would have had BART and it would have been a game changer for those neighborhoods.

  • Just think if Lombard/Union had BART, extending the F-line wouldn’t even garner a 2nd thought. It’d be done by now.

  • I know it’s only 2:45, but any update on the Townsend bike lane? I can’t wait until I get off the train to see it!

  • I’ve seen several twitpics of paint being applied as well as Newsom’s presser in front of Warm Planet.

  • Thanks John. Aren’t you busy messing up streets and making children cry?

  • Just a quick search.

  • So I got to 4th and King, run off the train, and … see a 60 ft bike lane. WTF?

    I stop in Warm Planet and it has been dubbed “Press Release Lane” or something like that. I have a feeling the injunction getting lifted is going to be a lot of these moments.