Young Bicyclist Killed by Driver in Milpitas But Police Offer Few Details

Police in Milpitas say a 17-year-old bicyclist, identified by the Santa Clara County coroner’s office as Steven Lucatero of Milpitas, was killed by a driver last night on North Capitol Avenue, but authorities aren’t offering very many details. According to a press release from the Milpitas Police Department:

On August 22, 2010, at approximately 7:28 pm, the Milpitas Police Department responded to the 500(B) N. Capitol Avenue for a reported vehicle collision involving a motorist and a bicyclist. Milpitas Police Officers and Milpitas Fire Department personnel arrived and located an unidentified male lying in the roadway. Milpitas Fire Department personnel pronounced the subject deceased at the scene. The female driver experienced a medical problem after the collision and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. The accident is still under investigation. Anyone with any information regarding this incident is encouraged to call the Milpitas Police Department at (408) 586-2400. Information can also be given anonymously by calling (408) 586-2500, or via the Milpitas Police Department website.

We’re attempting to get more information and will pass it along as we get it.

  • that is one **** intersection.

  • Milpitas – the land of the pavement. My goodness that is disgusting. This is what we have done with our beautiful country? And because we have so devoted our landscape to the car, another young person dies needlessly. Sad state of affairs.

  • Brett

    It actually happened at the next intersection up, where Capitol Meets Montague Station. I’m sad to find out that this is what all the police activity was about. Very sad evening in the great mall area indeed.

  • Anthony

    My GF and I drove past the scene before the emergency personals arrived. He already lost too much blood and no one was helping him at all.

    The lady who hit him was in shock. I think he might’ve lived if she gave him some help instead of being in shock and crying?

    We made a u-turn to see what we can do, but we started to hear the siren and left it to the paramedic…

    I can see why she might’ve hit him, the evening sun was directly in my face as I drove past the accident, I couldnt see further than 20-30 feet for a few seconds.

    The bike he was riding got smashed pretty far away, I would say this lady was speeding.

  • maaaty

    Speeding indeed — even if not over the posted limit, legally one is speeding if going too fast given the conditions. Considering what you’re said about visibility at that moment, I’d say she was speeding.

    And, yeah, that intersection looks like a death-trap. And right next to a college.

  • anonymous

    This really sucks for Steven… He goes to the same school as I do AND in the same year so I know him. This was really unfortunate for the boy. 🙁 May he rest in peace.

  • youdontneedtoknow

    Agreed. I can’t believe it was someone from our school. May you rest in peace Steven. 🙁

  • why

    THIS is exactly why helmets were invented.

  • la rider

    Fuck your helments comment, people should be held repsonsible for their actions.

    Cars are dangerous and kill way too many people and each person gets away by just saying “I didn’t see them”. Until real prosecution occurs for something that is supposed to be a priviledge, people will never take driving seriously.

  • Stevens.Bro.Inlaw

    That’s my bro in law…. No one is coming forward with any info…. He was at a crosswalk…… I appreciate everything anyone has to say, and I am so happy Anthony posted what he seen…. Poor kid he was one of the good ones if u know anything call 5616854

  • la rider

    People should learn how to drive before asking people on bikes to wear helments.

  • tommy

    maaty– you’re absolutely right. If the driver was partially blinded by the sun, she must slow way down. Unless the victim suddenly out of nowhere bolted out in front of her– and this almost never actually happens– the driver must be held responsible.

    Btw folks, this is where a future BART station will be located–adjacent to the light rail Montague Station. Lovely.

  • S Shupe

    My family knew Steven very well. We are all just heartbroken over this tragedy!!! I am hoping that the police get down to what really happened here. I don’t live very far from where the accident happened. I can tell you that I see people speed and run red lights on Capitol Avenue every day! I also know that he was a very experienced bike rider. He would have never jumped in front of a vehicle. Steven’s service starts tomorrow and the funeral is Tuesday. We really won’t ever have closure. I want that woman to speak up honestly about what really happened! I am also pissed that she didn’t get over herself and try to help Steven.

    We love you Steven. We will meet again some day. RIP

  • Extended Family

    Steven was an amazing person and meant well in everything he did. This lady needs to pay for what she did and should not be on the road where she can do to harm others. She is extrememly heartless not to come forward and say something in regards to this horrible tragedy. The Lucatero family is in my prayers and I hope they receive justice. I hope someone comes forward or a video surfaces because pedestrians have the right of way even when they are Jay walking. She clearly should have slowed down if she was blinded by the sun. The least the Lucatero family can receive is Justice and Closure since we cannot bring Steven back. Please help the family P-U-S-H (Pray Until Something Happens)

    My Deepest Condolences to all families affected by such a horrible tragedy.

  • Unamed

    I dont know Steven persoanlly, but I kow someone who does. From what I hear,he seem to be a good kid and probably have a bright future ahead of him. Now that been taken away from him by some reckless act of 1 person.

    I just cannot believe she still hasn’t said anything yet. She need to come forward. That way the family will have some closure.

    I never met you but Steven yu will alway be in my though.

    My condolences to the families


  • Kristan

    Did anyone see what happened to Steven’s bike after the accident? Police are saying that it was stolen from the scene? If you have any information about the bike or the accident please contact (408)561-5519. We thank you for any information that you can provide us.

  • anon

    Does anyone have any new details regarding my friends death? I need answers!
    -still hurting in San Jose

  • anon

    Kristen who is your source? I didn’t hear anything about his bike missing. Thanks


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