Today’s Headlines

  • More on Supervisor Scott Wiener’s Call for a Hearing on the J-Church (SF Gate)
  • Wiener says Historic Preservation May Be Trumping Other Goals, Like Ped Safety (SF Gate)
  • MTC to Consider Giving Oakland and SJ Direct Seats on Commission (Coco Times via Living in the O)
  • BART Testing Out New Seats to Replace Filthy Old Ones (Bay Citizen)
  • Auto Industry Claims California Car Sales Rose by 13 Percent (Mercury News)
  • Governors’ Report on Ped Safety Filled With Victim-Blaming, Empty of Analysis (MTR via Sblog NY)
  • ABC7 Covers “Movement of Moms Pushing for Parking Permits for Nannies”
  • New Legislation Proposes “$30 Car Tab” to Fund Transit in Washington State (Seattle Times)
  • Why Do Some Republicans Hate Transit So Much? (The Transport Politic)
  • iPod Bans: Legislation Against “Distracted Walking” Now a Trend (NYT via Sblog NY)

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