Submit Your Questions for the Streetsblog Interview with Mayor Ed Lee

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee told the Bay Citizen this week that Muni will apparently not be a priority for his administration. That’s troubling news but I can’t imagine Lee really feels that way. With 700,000 daily boardings, Muni affects that lives of so many San Franciscans but is over capacity, struggling to find new revenue and suffering reliability issues, among other problems.

Photo: Luke Thomas, ## City Journal##

Here’s what Zusha Elinson reported:

When new San Francisco mayor Ed Lee outlined his priorities Tuesday, Muni was not among them.

At a Bay Citizen editorial meeting, Lee essentially said that Muni — plagued by lateness and budget woes — is doing fine.

“I think Muni has been on its way to improvement for a period of time,” said Lee. “It’s still got hiccups, but when you look at the on-time performance it’s still, over a period time — and maybe not the last quarter uptick, if you will — it’s still on it’s way to improvement.”

Contrast that with what the Mayor told KCBS’ Barbara Taylor just a few days into his administration: “We’re way behind on modern transportation and it’s embarrassing.”

I’ll get to ask Lee to clarify his comments when Streetsblog conducts a one-on-one interview with him Tuesday. What would you ask the Mayor? Submit your questions below and I’ll pick the best ones and put them to the Mayor.


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