Mary Avenue Street Space Allocation Study

From SVBC:

The City of Sunnyvale will hold the second Public Workshop for the Mary Avenue Street Space Allocation Study.…

The Study is examining ways to accommodate bicycles on Mary Avenue between Fremont and Maude Avenues.


SFCTA Board Plans and Programs Committee Meeting

Agenda. Items of Note: 8. Recommend Adoption of the 19th Avenue Transit Study Final Report – ACTION* attachment   enclosure The 19th Avenue Transit Study (Study) builds on recent planning efforts to develop plans for a west-side grade-separated (i.e. partial subway or bridge crossings of 19th Avenue) alignment of the M-Ocean View as it traverses the neighborhoods surrounding […]

Belmont’s Ralston Corridor Study Ignores Need for Safe, Direct Bicycling

The Belmont City Council is gearing up to decide on a list of infrastructure investments intended to improve safety and reduce traffic congestion on Ralston Avenue. At a community meeting last month, representatives from consulting firms W-Trans and Alta Planning presented their Ralston Avenue Corridor Study, intended “to improve the multi-modal function” of the busy arterial street. Ralston Avenue […]

Masonic Avenue Street Design Study Community Workshop

From the SFMTA: Come join us for the third and final community workshop of a new street design study for Masonic Avenue, focusing on the area between Geary Boulevard and the Panhandle, with the goal of calming traffic on Masonic Avenue and improving access and safety for all modes of transportation. The City wants to […]

SFCTA 19th Ave. Transit Study Community Meetings

From SFCTA: 19th Avenue Transit Study Community Meetings Feb 12 19th Avenue Transit Study Community Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, February 12, 7:00 PM, METNA, Palmetto Meeting Hall, 640 Palmetto Avenue Feb 13 19th Avenue Transit Study Community Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday, February 13, 5:30–8:00 PM, Nob Hill Room, Seven Hills Conference Center, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Avenue Feb 28 […]

How to Measure the Economic Effect of Livable Streets

When a street redesign to prioritize walking, biking, or transit is introduced, the headlines are predictable: A handful of business owners scream bloody murder. Anecdotes from grumpy merchants tend to dominate the news coverage, but what’s the real economic impact of projects like Select Bus Service, pedestrian plazas, road diets and protected bike lanes? How […]