SFBC Info Walk: Panhandle Bike Path

From SFBC:

Have you ever found yourself wondering how the Panhandle came to be the great bike path it is today? Have you ever wondered what Oak and Fell Street used to look like 30, 50, or 100 years ago? Find out the history of the Panhandle area and how it relates to biking, walking, and driving and learn what the SF Bicycle Coalition and neighbors have in store to make it even better! Join us for a walk and talk.


NOW! Festival: History Ride Around the Panhandle

From SF Bicycle Coalition: The NOW! Festival challenged us with this: What would you do to make the Panhandle extraordinary for one week? How about a slow ride around the Panhandle, taking time to learn about the history of our streets and envisioning what the future of our neighborhood could look like? We will start on […]

Neighborhood Outreach Continues for Fell and Oak Bikeways

Fourteen years of community-driven efforts to improve conditions on Fell and Oak Streets around the Panhandle are finally paying off. The outreach continues on a vision for separated bikeways that would provide San Franciscans safe access to the flattest route connecting the western neighborhoods to areas east while making the neighborhood more livable for residents and businesses. […]