Eyes on the Street: Elderly Driver Crashes into Inner Sunset Restaurant

Photo: Jacob Hendry

The driver of a four-door sedan jumped the curb and crashed into the front of Naan N’ Curry Restaurant on Irving Street at 8th Avenue around noon today. Surprisingly, no one enjoying lunch on the crowded sidewalk was hurt, but the building suffered some serious damage.

Witnesses said the driver, an elderly man who was about 75 years old, was attempting to leave his parking spot when he stepped on the gas instead of the brake. He smashed the car into a set of tables and chairs fronting the restaurant.

“I think we need to give stricter license tests to elderly people,” said one resident who was observing the crash site. “It’s scary.”

Photo: Aaron Bialick

The front of the restaurant now leans slightly forward after a corner of the doorway was damaged. Sand from inside the wall, and vehicle fluid, were splattered on the sidewalk. Officers from the San Francisco Police Department told owner Gohar Rashid the structure could be unfit to bear the load and that it would need to be fixed as soon as possible, although the restaurant was re-opened soon after.

“Normally the street is safe,” said Rashid. “The driver said he didn’t know how it happened.”

Witnesses said the driver appeared shaken and suffered only a hand injury. He was taken away in an ambulance and not cited, according to police.


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