Today’s Headlines

  • Ex-SFMTA Chief Nat Ford Being Considered for BART GM (Matier & Ross)
  • Plan to Merge BART, AC Transit “Gains Steam” (KTVU)
  • Will High-Speed Rail Ever Make it to San Francisco? (SF Examiner)
  • In Ca. HSR Plan, “Ambitions Collide with Financial Realities” (Climate Wire via NYT)
  • Muni’s Transit Effectiveness Project Could Take Years to Implement (SF Gate)
  • MTC Poised to Move Its Headquarters to San Francisco (East Bay Express)
  • Bicyclist Hits Pedestrian on Embarcadero, Causing Serious Injuries (SF Gate)
  • Commuter Benefits Bill Passes State Senate, Awaits Gov’s Signature (Cycle.licious)
  • “Carmageddon” Not! Instead, a Pleasant L.A. Weekend (LAT) More at Streetsblog L.A.
  • Damien Newton Called It! (Streetsblog LA)
  • SF City Attorney to File Lawsuit Against CBS Over Muni Ads (ABC7)

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  • David Vartanoff

    Ford to run BART???  Really bad idea.

  • Ford running BART, and BART running AC Transit, is pretty much the East Bay edition of the apocalypse.  Please no.

  • dannnnnny

    i’m all for more consolidation of bay area transit agencies.  a multi-county agency like ac transit is the perfect candidate for a merger with BART.  but let’s not have Nat Ford run it.

  • Anonymous

    Ironic – the failure to implement the TEP is a halmark of Ford’s time at the MTA, and now he wants to lead BART?

    Just how stupid do you have to be to run BART? I mean, first that stupid Airport Connector waste of money, and now this?

  • mikesonn

    TEP was used to cut service ASAP. However, to add service, or to make it run more efficiently, it will take years. Why can’t we declare a “fiscal emergency” to make the system work instead of only using it to dismantle?

  • Alex

    Not implementing the TEP is a failure?  The TEP is in and of itself a shortsighted failure.  Not implementing it was one of Ford’s crowning achievements.  TEP would have gutted service to areas in sore need of transit (Treasure Island, Outer Sunset, OMI) and propped it up where there’s already passable service.

    TEP would have gutted regular service on the 108, and did nothing to restore service from TI to 4th & King.  Guess what’s at 4th and King?  A grocery store.  Guess what doesn’t exist on TI or anywhere else along the 108 line?  If you said grocery stores, you’d be right.  Given that you can’t walk on/off the island, how do you think people are going to do their shopping when MUNI goes out of their way to make it as inconvenient as possible?  If you said cars, you’d probably be right. 

    The TEP is an expensive failure as even Nolan notes while he backs down on stop consolidation.

    But yes, let’s keep piling on Ford without looking at the real problems in Brown, Newsom, Pak, Lee, and Chiu.

    In other news Dorothy Dugger’s moving up in this world with her latest DUI.

  • Anonymous

     Alex – perhaps the failure is that there isn’t a grocery store on TI? Or that we’re developing residences that can’t be walked off and doesn’t have services on it?

    For every example like yours, I can point at several others that are no brainers to the positive. The 35 runs from Noe Valley to the side of a steep hill in Glen Park, a quarter mile away from Glen Park BART. Why doesn’t it just run to the station/business district in GP? That would really open up Castro/Eureka/Noe to BART->South, and connect GP to Noe/Castro. 2 adjacent neighborhoods and you can’t get from here to there. Well, in theory you can take the J from 24th/Church to the middle of the San Jose Freeway… slower, more convoluted, and a smaller ridership catchment.

    It’s sad that they can’t just look at that line and say “This re-route really makes sense” and just do it.

  • Peter M

    I’m curious as to how the TEP would gut 108 service, since the final recommendations have it running the exact same route at the exact same frequencies as it does now

  • David Vartanoff

    Actually, rather than BART taking over AC, AC, Muni, and CCTA should take over BART as a consortium so that BART is more beholden to ALL of the transit customers in its territory.  The history of WMATA bus is that of the maltreated stepchild slowly being strangled in favor of rail service; I would expect BART to do the same.   

  • Alex

    Murph: there are absolutely changes that need to be made.  IIRC some reorganization and electrification of the 2/3/4 has been batted about in the past.  Bringing back the 15 as a limited route with service to City College.  Or a West Portal to Judah shuttle (wasn’t there talk of extending the 6 at some point?).  Or simplifying the 38?

    And, yes, TI is a giant clusterfuck… but connecting the island to two big transit hubs as well as needed services is a great start.  A great start that was tried on for show, and then got lost in the noise.

    Peter: I may be basing my statements on outdated information.  My recollection is that the cuts were a big part of TEP, and that the last round of ruthless service reductions was couched as being part of the TEP and not just a budget saving move.

    That said I see they’re still pushing to extend the J… and instead of relying on the SFSU crossover they’re planning to rely on the Park Merced developers to build out new infrastructure.  Great.  Lengthen an already unreliable route instead of maintaining service on the M (which was cut because the subway is such a huge bottleneck).

    Or how about the 28?  Lengthen the 28L?  And eliminate much needed service to Daly City BART?  Really?  And leave out night time connections to the southern part of the city while propping up service to the Marina?  And the local 28 /still/ stops every block on 19th?  Really??

    Let’s try streamlining local service by stopping at every other block or less on 19th, timed transfers at BART, Taraval, and Judah (or, at least, drivers who will wait of they see an LRV approaching), and maybe Presidio and Lombard as an inbound terminus.  Maybe letting the 43 pick up the Marina / Ft. Mason slack with a taxi/bus only lane down Lombard?  Streamline the 28L by eliminating the stops at Balboa and Quintara and maybe extend its hours.  Perhaps extending it inbound to meet the 43 and have it skip (what’s the point of a limited route that stops at more stops than the local route?) the bridge.

    The general idea that I saw being espoused at TEP meetings and in TEP documents was that they should gut the feeder routes to beef up service along the busiest corridors… which is about the most asinine thing I could think of.  In terms of private automobile trips that start and end in San Francisco, where on earth does the MTA think they come from?