Today’s Headlines

  • Ed Lee to Enter Mayor’s Race Today (SF Gate, SF Examiner, Bay Citizen)
  • 9-year-old Boy Struck by Drunk Driver in SF Remains in Critical Cond.(SF Gate)
  • Jerry Brown Vetoes Commuter Benefits Legislation (Coco Times)
  • Black Bicyclists Gather for Convention in Oakland; Get Bikes Blessed (SF Gate)
  • Mohammed Nuru Selected to Lead SFDPW, Replacing Ed Reiskin (City Insider)
  • Seattle Transit Consultant in Line for GM Job at BART (Matier & Ross)
  • Man Who Ran Down Four Cyclists in SF Held Over for Trial (SF Gate)
  • Joshua Calder Ordered to Stand Trial in Death of Nils Yannick Linke (SF Examiner)
  • Proposal Would Require Employers to Let Bikes in SF Buildings (KCBS)
  • Bay Citizen: “Pedicab War Erupts on the Waterfront”
  • Muni to Add New Security Cameras With Federal Grant (SF Examiner)
  • 48 Muni Drivers Do Not Have Commercial Drivers Licenses (SF Examiner)
  • SF Planning Commission Responds to Grand Jury Report on Parkmerced (City Insider)

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  • mikesonn

    Did anyone else see the parking counts from 7×7.

    Nearly 60k in spaces were “lost” from the 2009 estimate to the 2010 actual count. I wonder if this has anything to do with so many private garages not being used to park a car (“curb cuts to nowhere”).

    But why was the off-street downtown parking count so far off (30k)? Is the SFMTA collecting a tax on those spaces?

  • I don’t know the background, but it looks like the city parking tax is on occupied spaces, not total spaces, so spaces that don’t exist have the same 0 tax as empty spaces.  I am surprised the numbers were so far off though.

  • mikesonn

    Eric, I think you are correct. I wonder what the occupancy rate is then for off-street downtown. It has to be higher than 54%.