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  • Charles_Siegel

    Steve Brandau, head coordinator for the Central Valley Tea Party, did
    not attend any One Bay Area meetings. But he said that he understood
    the speakers’ skepticism about government-led planning and social
    engineering. “We would be suspicious of projects that are built around population
    control and density control,” said Brandau. “We are leery of
    governmental agencies and their ability, based on the track record, to
    develop workable solutions.” 

    So, they should be against the sort of low-density, suburban zoning that is typical of the Central Valley – but I am afraid that they are too dumb to have thought of that.

  • The Greasybear

    Whenever a motorist breaks a law and injures or kills a cyclist, SFPD refuses to cite the offender because they “didn’t see anything.” Now we learn SFPD won’t even cite bad motorists when they *do* witness violations. Only 74 out of more than 200 motorists pulled over by SFPD for violating the right turn were ticketed? More cyclists have been ticketed at one intersection on Market Street in one week during that same timeframe, many for not having reflectors during the daytime. SFPD is harassing bicyclists while simultaneously giving even the majority of bad motorists it pulls over a free pass. Bias, bias, bias.

  • mikesonn

    “But officer, I didn’t see the signs.”