SFMTA Engineering Hearing


  • Mario

    San Jose Ave is getting two lanes removed by Caltrans? Is that in the Bernal Cut? How come this hasn’t been publicized? If true, this is really big news.

  • No, from what we’re hearing it’s the southernmost three blocks of San Jose Ave, between the San Mateo County line and Alemany Blvd (Goethe, Rice, Liebig/DeLong), the northern end of CA Hwy 82. Caltrans-initiated (!), a road diet from three lanes to two in each direction and a bike lane to soak up the extra pavement, connecting to Alemany Blvd bike lanes and bike routes on De Long (to Daly City BART) and Goethe.

    North of that point San Jose Ave isn’t Caltrans jurisdiction, though it’s sometimes thought such, the interconnecting ramps onto Hwy 280 make it quasi-Caltrans, in any event we’ll keep pushing to tame the whole length of it.

    Another upcoming project initiated of Caltrans’ own volition that we’re hearing about: a 3-to-2 road diet for the stretch of Sloat Blvd (CA Hwy 35) between Everglade Dr and 19th Avenue, which will likewise add a bike lane. A nice mate to the upcoming Bike Plan project which will give a diet + bike lane to Sloat Blvd between Great Highway and Skyline Blvd (yes, that will leave a gap between Skyline and Everglade that will still need attention).

    Go back and read Matthew Ridgway’s smart commentary on the notion of Caltrans relinquishing more state routes to localities, and/or reworking them into local more-complete streets, it’s happening:


  • Mario

    Great news about Sloat! I’ve always wondered pretty much my only legitimate way to get from Lake Merced to the Mission/Noe area is an empty 3-lane, 35mph (more than that in reality) highway with terrible pavement and no bikeline. I hope they repave it though, because a bikelane without a decent pavement will still require me swerving around potholes.

  • SeventhLaguna

    Great news. Lots of room there for a buffer there, Andy. Think there would be any profit to pushing for it?

  • SeventhLaguna

    There, there, everywhere!