San José City Council reviews draft Envision 2040

From SVBC:

This is an opportunity to speak before the San José City Council about Envision San Jose 2040, the City’s blueprint for growth over the next three decades.

The plan is in its final sprint and will soon go before Council. It is critical that the City hear from you and know that residents are committed to seeing a strong General Plan be adopted and implemented. We are all partners in San Jose’s success over the long run.

The Draft Plan proposes, among other things:

  • No development in either the South Almaden or Mid-Coyote Valley urban reserves over the life of the plan. In fact, there is language recognizing Coyote Valley as a wildlife corridor.
  • A 40% reduction in Vehicle Miles Traveled over the next three decades, achieved through a 20% increase in trips taken with transit, 15% increase in bike trips, and 15% more walking trips. If this is important to you, let the City know!
  • A focus on urban villages near public transportation…again, let the City know that you are paying attention and care about how the City evolves in the coming decades.
  • Strong language throughout about the health benefits of good urban design, such as access to trails and community gardens….

Envision 2040 is on its way to becoming a model General Plan (yes, there are always opportunities to make it even stronger), but the vision only becomes reality through good implementation of policies, a committed city council and residents who are ready to speak up for a sustainable, equitable and healthy future for all who live, work and play in San Jose.

Additionally, San Jose planning staff has worked tirelessly on this important effort over these last four years – Council should hear what a wonderful job they have done.

To learn more about the Plan, visit: If you are curious about the health benefits, check out Public Health Law and Policy’s white paper on the Plan, attached.


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