Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Hits Man in Crosswalk at Divisadero and Fell (BCN via SF Examiner, CBS 5)
  • MTC: Bay Area Transit Agencies Could Save $235 Million a Year (Coco Times)
  • Santa Rosa Police Place Blame Collisions on Drunk Pedestrians (Press Democrat)
  • Driver Seriously Injures Pedestrian in Brentwood (Coco Times)
  • BART to Vote Today on Policy for Shutting Down Cell Service (SF Examiner)
  • Disabled BART Train Caused Big Delays From SF to East Bay Yesterday (CBS 5, SF Examiner)
  • Major BART Delays This Morning Unrelated to Earthquake (BCN via SF Examiner)
  • Mayoral Candidate Jeff Adachi: SF Should Stop Siphoning Funds From Muni (SF Public Press)
  • Mayoral Candidate Phil Ting and “Reset SF” to Pilot L-Taraval Express Bus (Reset SF)
  • Study Questions Outsourcing Red-Light Traffic Camera Systems (Coco Times)
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  • EL

    Regarding Phil Ting’s L-Taraval Express Bus, per his site:

    Here are the pick up times:

    • 46th and Taraval – 7:30AM• 40th and Taraval – 7:35AM• 32nd and Taraval – 7:40AM• 19th and Taraval – 7:47AM

    Here are the drop-off points:

    • Civic Center – 8:25AM• Powell – 8:30AM• Montgomery – 8:35AM• Embarcadero – 8:40AM

    If it takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to get from 46th/Taraval to Embarcadero AND skips major stops such as West Portal, Sunset Boulevard, and 19 blocks between 32nd and 19th Avenue, doesn’t this basically say that an L-Taraval Express Bus is a bad idea?

    Perhaps if Phil actually rode the system, he’d know that the L isn’t like the N that has to deal with Carl/Cole, Church/Duboce, 4th/King, 9th/Irving, 9th/Judah, TWO tunnels, and way more crowding issues.

  • icarus12

    Every time I hear Jeff Adachi speak, I think, “What an intelligent and ethical person.” I voted for him yesterday.  I wish he had a better chance of winning the mayor’s race.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t tunnels be BETTER than not having tunnels?