Today’s Headlines

  • People’s Plan Calls for Improvements to Transit, Bike Share (SFGate)
  • Muni Retirees Ask Union to Settle Old Debt (SF Examiner)
  • Diagonal-Space Parklet to Premiere in Outer Sunset on Saturday (SFGate)
  • San Francisco is City With Largest Market for Bicycles in America (Pricenomics, Bike Portland)
  • Bike Theft Victim Offers Reward for “Ass Kicking” of “Scum Bag” Thief (SF Weekly)
  • Martinez to Try Out Parking Meters That Accept Credit and Debit Cards (Mercury News)
  • SMART Backers, Detractors Face Off Over Signature-Gathering Effort (Marin IJ)
  • The 8 to 80 Problem: Designing Cities for Young and Old (Atlantic Cities)
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  • The “People’s Plan” for managing parking and transportation for the America’s Cup is aiming in the right direction but is not nearly stringent enough to avoid massive car-induced misery in San Francisco. On major race weekends, they are expecting 200,000 people to attend the America’s Cup a day. That’s the equivalent of *5 Giants games* going on simultaneously. There is no extra room in the northwest part of the city to put these cars and no extra room on surface streets for these cars to creep their way to the waterfront.

    But the MTA can’t just tell people there will be no parking by the race start/finish line and expect that to discourage people from bringing their cars to the city, especially when they’ve published parking maps that include 18 lots near the waterfront that will draw cars exactly where they will cause maximum congestion. (Though all these lots are small and hold relatively few cars, just their existence will make optimistic drivers assume they can find a spot in them. Even the 5th and Mission garage,the largest parking facility in the city with 2585 spaces, will be swamped by America’s Cup demand if the price of parking is set too low.)

    The MTA needs to start saying things like “All city lots and parking garages within a mile of the waterfront will cost $100/day if they operate at all” and “the Embarcadero will be closed to private cars” and “areas north of Bay Street (from the Embarcadero to Fillmore) and north of Beach (from Fillmore to Baker) will be closed to all private cars except those possessing resident passes.”

    In addition, the Presidio needs to advertise they will charge hefty fees for their parking or they will be inundated and all streets and neighborhoods leading to the Presidio will be inundated. (Parking in the Presidio on weekends is currently free.)  It would also be a good idea to close all I-80 off ramps between 3rd Street and the Bay Bridge to encourage satellite parking lot at ATT Park.

    Steep parking fees can help pay for the increased transit service. The MTA needs to persuade the entire Bay area that transit (combined with biking and walking) is quicker, easier and much cheaper than driving and hunting for parking. In addition, the Embarcadero needs to feel festive, safe and fun so that anyone biking, walking or taking transit feels they’ve joined a great big party they want to be part of.

  • Fran Taylor

    Nice to see the City is considering beefing up service on the #48 for the President’s Cup, but how about finally giving us a route going down Cesar Chavez through the hairball? Instead, TEP may move the #27-Bryant over to Folsom, making the unserved portion of Cesar Chavez even longer. As it is now, traveling by transit from the Mission, Noe Valley, or Bernal Heights to points east requires multiple transfers or long walks.

  • Mario Tanev


    Don’t the 48 and TEP’s 58 run just 3 blocks away from Cesar Chavez? Are you objecting to the 3-block walking distance or to something else?

  • Mario –

    It seems that way, but if you are trying to get to somewhere on Cesar Chavez on the other side of 101, good luck. You can walk over to the 48, but once it gets to Potrero…

    The 48 then diverts over to 23rd and up onto Potrero Hill, at a spot where there is no walkable route to Cesar Chavez. It ends up at 25th and Pennsyvania, then heads to Caltrain. There is a lot of stuff on Chavez itself and a lot at 3rd/Chavez that are just poorly served.