Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Postpones Board Action on SFPark Expansions in Potrero Hill, Mission Areas (Dogpatch Howler)
  • “Are Residents Angry at Bureaucratic Bungling — or Just With the Loss of Free Street Parking?” (SFBG)
  • SFPark Wins Sustainable Transportation Award From ITDP (Transpo Nation)
  • Vancouver Considering SFPark-Style System (Vancouver Sun)
  • SFMTA to Begin Work on JFK Drive Bikeway This Week (Bay Bikers Blog)
  • SF Board of Supes, City Agencies Take Over Redevelopment Projects (City Insider)
  • Supervisor Wiener Wants Hearings With SFMTA to Improve Taxi Industry (SF Examiner)
  • Rail Work at Church and Market Streets to Affect Muni Service, Close Roads (SF Examiner)
  • SFPD Touts 97 Percent Case Closure Rate on Muni Property Last Year (SF Examiner)
  • Streetsblog SF Commenter Eric Fischer Creates Maps of Transit Demand Using Twitter Data (Fast Co.)
  • State Auditor Blasts CA High-Speed Rail Plan (SacBee)
  • Relatives Remember Slain San Rafael Pedestrian as Warm Family Man (Marin IJ)
  • Santa Rosa Council Wants Maximum Fines For Handicap Parking Placard Fraud (Press Democrat)
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  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with the author of the first story, “SFMTA Postpones Board Action on SFPark Expansions in Potrero Hill, Mission Areas”, in that the resistance against the expansion of SFPark into the eastern neighborhoods is primarily about people’s knee-jerk, emotional reaction against having to pay for something that was previously free. I think this needs to be pointed out again and again and explained why it makes no sense that parking should be free and they should count themselves lucky for having gotten it for free for so long. I’m always amazed at how supposedly “progressive” SF is, but then we have so many people entrenched in anachronistic (and unhealthy and dangerous) ways of thinking (i.e., that the true cost of cars should be externalized).

  • mikesonn

    They have been saying they’ll pay and that isn’t the issue. However, because they screamed and kicked so much now they don’t have to. Works out nicely.

  • mikesonn

    Because parking legally is too much effort. 

    Really, PCO’s don’t make up citations. If you feed the meter, don’t park in front of a hydrant, etc, then you won’t get a ticket. Just makes me shake my head.

  • peternatural

    Don’t let them see you feed the meter, though. It’s illegal — you might get a ticket!