SF Board of Supervisors Rules Committee Meeting

Agenda [PDF]

Of note:

3. 120073 [Appointment, Planning Commission - Cindy Wu]
Motion approving/rejecting the President of the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor David 
Chiu's nomination of Cindy Wu to the Planning Commission, for the term ending July 1, 
2012. (Clerk of the Board)
(Section 4.105 of the City Charter provides that this nomination is subject to approval by 
the Board of Supervisors and shall be the subject of a public hearing and vote within 60 
days from the date the nomination is transmitted to the Clerk of the Board.  If the Board 
fails to act on the nomination within 60 days of the date the nomination is transmitted to 
the Clerk then the nominee shall be deemed approved.)


Transit Advocate Clears First Hurdle to SFMTA Board Appointment

Supervisors Michaela Alioto-Pier and David Campos questioning SFMTA Board nominee Cheryl Brinkman at the Rules Committee meeting today. Photo: Matthew Roth. A noted transit advocate and a key organizer of Sunday Streets in San Francisco has cleared the most significant hurdle to her appointment as the newest member of the Board of Directors of the […]

“Bike Yield” Passes Without Enough Votes for Veto Override

The Bike Yield ordinance was heard by the full San Francisco Board of Supervisors yesterday. It passed, with six “ayes” and five against — two “ayes” short of what’s needed to override Mayor Edwin Lee’s veto pen. The San Francisco Examiner reports that mayoral spokesperson Christine Falvey was ready with a response. “The mayor believes this endangers pedestrians […]

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Supervisor David Campos at a recent gathering outside City Hall. Supervisor David Campos will find himself front and center this month in a multiple-front struggle to answer an age-old conundrum: Why doesn’t Muni work better and how can we fix it? Campos has inserted himself into the debate by leading the charge on a charter […]