SF Bicycle Coalition Service Station: Pump Up Polk St.

From SFBC:

Help gain support and energize people for Connecting the City on Polk Street and pump up the jams and flat tires of your fellow bicycle riders. If you are a trained Bicycle Ambassador and want to volunteer for this Service Station, email Tessa@sfbike.org to volunteer.


SF Bicycle Coalition Service Station: Pump Up Polk St

From SFBC: Pump up the jams and your tires, and help gather neighborhood support for a better Polk Street. Don’t miss it when the SF Bicycle Coalition Service Station team hits the streets to offer free air for your tires. Are you a trained Bicycle Ambassador? Email tessa@sfbike.org to volunteer to pump up Polk Street!

Parking-First “Save Polk Street” Crowd Attacks Van Ness BRT

“Save Polk Street” has aimed its parking-first agenda at Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit. A couple dozen speakers protested the project an SFMTA hearing last week, distributing fearmongering flyers [PDF] claiming that removing some parking and banning left turns would “kill small businesses,” back up car traffic, and make the street more dangerous. The long-delayed Van Ness […]