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  • The number of out of control SUV and pickup drivers killing pedestrians and cyclists is clearly out of control–and getting personal to me. My husband and I crossed that intersection in Mountain View on our bikes about 30 minutes before the pedestrian was killed. 

    The speed limit is 35 and few cars observe it, especially those coming down the overpass off of Central Expressway. SUV and truck drivers need to start policing themselves and law enforcement should focus their efforts on calming down these killing machines.

  • Bradforio

    Just so I have this straight:  The cyclist who claims to have entered a possibly poorly designed intersection legally, fatally striking a pedestrian may face felony charges because someone claims to have seen him run a light at another place and time, but the 17 year old escalade driver who plows through a family on a sidewalk because of excessive speed needs a 2 month investigation to determine if any charges will be filed??

  • Neither of those two people have been charged. Your comparison is inaccurate. In both cases the DA/Cops are gathering evidence to make the correct charges and build their cases. This is appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. Shoreline (like Central Expressway, San Thomas Expressway, Lawrence, etc., etc.) are all designed like damn freeways, so of course people drive like they’re on one, which means too fast and not paying attention to other road users. One of the biggest mistakes the Peninsula/South Bay made was adding all those god-forsaken freeway-esque roads through what were otherwise safe communities before the baby boomers came to power. It’s really a shame, and I would love to say they will be put on a diet and made smaller, with bike lanes, and with much lower *enforced* speed limits, but people who live there are too car-centric and will fight it tooth and nail. Even California Ave in Palo Alto can’t go on a road diet without everybody fighting it, and it’s not even a thoroughfare!

  • Jamison Wieser

    And welcome back Transbay Blog! I’ve missed Eric’s commentary, critiques, criticisms and track maps!