East Bay Bike Party: PAJAMA PARTY (2nd Anniversary Ride)

From East Bay Bike Party:

On Second Friday, normally you’d Bike Party then get ready for bed. This Friday, get ready to reverse that as it’s a Bike Party PAJAMA PARTY!

Whether it’s footie pajamas, Snuggies, lingerie or whatever you feel is appropriate for bedtime, break it out and get ready to hit the Port of Oakland with us and celebrate TWO AMAZING YEARS of Bike Party!

The route has already been established, so we don’t need any test riders – giving you more time to work on your costume! This month we’ll start at Lake Merritt BART Station (7:30 gather/8:00 roll out), enjoy the always Bike Party-friendly Port of Oakland and wrap up with a Bike Party PARTY at the Parkway Lounge, complete with New Belgium drink specials. Ding ding!

As we’re celebrating 2 years, just a quick reminder of how we roll and why the EBBP has been so positive and successful:

Stay Right
Stop At Lights
Ride Straight
Don’t Hate
Pack Your Trash
Don’t Get Smashed

Volunteers are always welcome to help guide the ride through turns, so seek out one of the megaphoned peeps before the ride starts.

Will there be bedtime stories? Lullabies? Pillowfights? There’s only one way to find out. Be there this Friday and pajama up!



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