East Palo Alto Hwy 101 Bike/Ped Bridge Open House and Workshop

From East Palo Alto 101:

The East Palo Alto 101 team is excited to invite you to our first open house and public workshop.  Come on down this Thursday, June 7th to the East Palo Alto Senior Center from 2-6 PM and help us connect the community.

We’ll share the details for the public workshop & open house, the agenda for the afternoon, and some of our preliminary designs, all after the jump.

Learn, Share, Connect

Creating a connection over Highway 101 for pedestrians and bicyclists is extremely important.  We want to share with you what we’ve learned so far, hear your ideas about the project, and get people excited about the upcoming project.

Feel free to take a look at our agenda for Thursday’s open house & workshop.  We have two specific pieces of the meeting on Thursday: the open house and the workshop.

Open House

The open house will be open to the public from when we start at 2:00 PM until we close up at 6:00 PM.  We’ll have multiple boards up displaying some of the current conditions around the sites (you can find some of them on our Documents page).  We’ll also provide “dot voting” where you can take stickers and place them next to ideas you like.  For those who want to say something specific, you’ll be able to fill out comment cards.

As a special treat, we’d like to show you one of the display board we’re going to put up at the June 7th meeting.  This one shows the proposed project sites, some possible alignments for the overpass, and how the overpass will link into East Palo Alto’s existing and planned bicycle network.

Staff and translators will be floating around the room during the open house to answer questions and provide Spanish speakers with additional information. We’re also providing free food & beverage refreshments for all attendees.


The workshop begins at 4:00 PM, hopefully after everyone involved has had a chance to look at the display boards for the project.  We’ll provide a presentation summarizing the project so far, then conduct multiple breakout sessions where participants get to share their ideas and ask questions about the project in small groups.  Afterward, each group will share the results of their breakout session.  Before concluding for the night, we’ll share with you the schedule for the remainder of the project.

We’ll post the results of the open house & workshop on the East Palo Alto 101 project website, so stay tuned!


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