Eyes on the Street: Crews Begin Striping Bike Lanes on 8th and 17th Streets

17th and Harrison, where bike lanes are being extended east to Potrero. Photos: Aaron Bialick

The SFMTA has begun striping work on new bike lanes along 8th Street in SoMa and 17th Street in the Mission and Potrero Hill.

Eighth Street already had a skinny door-zone bike lane, but the SFMTA is expanding it as a buffered bike lane by re-purposing a roughly 10-foot wide motor vehicle lane for bicycles from Market to Townsend Street. That means 8th is being put on a road diet, and the preliminary striping alone already seems to have had a traffic calming effect.

On 17th Street, new bike lanes are being striped between Treat and Potrero Avenues, connecting the lanes striped last year between Treat and Church Street to the ones between Potrero and Kansas Street. Crews have traced out the curbside, buffered bike lanes and installed “No Parking” signs on the stretch.

Both projects come with fresh, smooth pavement, since they were coordinated with street re-pavings.

Check out more photos after the break. We’ll have more coverage once they’re completed.

See you back here Thursday. Enjoy the Fourth, everyone.

8th and Howard Streets, where the bike lane will be routed to the left of a right-turn lane. This design was seen at several intersections.

8th Street from Howard to Mission. (Bike lane markings aren't in place yet, and drivers still use the future bike lane.)
17th Street from Alabama to Florida Streets.
  • Anonymous

    This is great news. Keep ’em coming MTA. Wish 17th had buffered/protected lanes, but it’s still a welcome improvement.

  • Zack Mensinger

    According to the article, sounds like there will be some buffered stretches at least.

  • Rode down 8th Street this morning and the bike lanes are really nice and a huge improvement from what was there before.

  • Greg

    Biked down 8th Street this morning. I’m a bit ambivalent about the new, wider lane, actually. During my ride, several cars moved into it in order to get past traffic in the vehicular lanes. This didn’t happen with the old, narrower bike lane, because it was too narrow to accommodate a car. I’m not sure this is better, from a safety perspective.

  • Sprague

    The 8th Street bike lanes look to be an improvement, provided they’re respected by motorized traffic.  However, it looks like the MTA could have just as well created a parking protected bike lane (a la JFK Drive) with no greater reassignment of street .  For bicycle ridership to really take off in San Francisco, better “protected” or separated bike infrasturcture is needed for the full range of the 8 to 80 crowd to comfortably take to the streets, especially south of Market.

  • Anonymous



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