All-Door Boarding Brochure Distribution Party


On Sunday, July 1st, Muni became the first agency in North America to implement all-door boarding. One integral piece of information they missed was a brochure. Fortunately, that’s where the San Francisco Transit Riders Union comes in. Our fellows have been working very hard the past three weeks to create a brochure that you, the transit rider, can use to fully understand All-Door Boarding.

But, how will the riders get this brochure? Sure, we’ll have it available online, but there are some that don’t have access to a computer! Also, some riders don’t speak English. That’s where you come in.

On July 13th at 3PM, the San Francisco Transit Riders Union is asking you, the transit rider, to help us out in distributing these brochures to the riders.

We will meet at the Buck Tavern at 1655 Market Street (@ Gough), where you will receive training before you are sent out to one of several brochure distribution locations throughout the City.

Afterward, we will reconvene at the Buck Tavern at 7PM to celebrate our campaign’s success.

Despite being held at a bar, all ages are welcome!


We at the San Francisco Transit Riders Union sincerely hope you join us. We couldn’t have done it without you.


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