Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Plows Into Zetgeist Bike Corral, Injuring Man and Destroying Up to 30 Bikes (Uptown Almanac)
  • Protesters of Man’s Death Are Blocking Muni Today: Live Updates From SF Weekly, SF Appeal
  • UC Berkeley Professor Shlomo Bentin Killed by Dump Truck Driver Bicycling in Berkeley (MercCBS 5)
  • Muni to Test Embarcadero E-Line For Two Days During America’s Cup (SF Examiner)
  • SFMTA to Install New Surveillance Cameras on One-Third of Its Buses (SF Examiner)
  • N-Judah, J-Church Halted by Downed Power Line at Duboce and Church (SFGate)
  • Assuming Hands-Free is Safer, New CA Law Will Allow Drivers to Use Voice-To-Text (Mercury News)
  • San Jose and Oakland Get More Seats On Metropolitan Transportation Commission (Mercury News)
  • CAHSR Hurdles (PA Online): New Lawsuit (Bay Citizen), Study Doubting Job Growth (CBS 5, Sys. Failure)
  • Mayoral Nominee Richard Hillis Poised to Replace Popular Planning Commissioner (SF Examiner)
  • Mental Competency Exam Ordered for Rohnert Park Driver Who Killed Cycling Professor (KTVU 2)
  • CA Bill Streamlines SMART Station Designs by Allowing Bypass of Local Review Processes (Marin IJ)

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  • What is the point of voice-to-text when SFPD enforcement of the ban is nonexistent?

  • mikesonn

    If you allow any use of the phone, people will just use it as they like anyway. Hands-free, talk-to-text etc is just an excuse to be interacting with the phone when people should just wait while they are driving.

  • voltairesmistress

    When it comes to using a phone in any way while driving, enforcement of the law is less important than voluntary compliance.  And how does one change this dangerous behavior?  By publicizing the sizable research out there showing how deadly texting and talking is — hands-free or not.   The research proved we drivers think we are being safe, but we can’t perceive how compromised our perceptions of the road situation are or how much slower our response times are.  How about pushing for a billboard and tv campaign to publicize that?  We’ve changed public acceptance of drunk driving to near nil.  We can do the same with phone use, but need information as the first step.

    That research alone has made me radically change my phone use in the car
    — down to simply talking for about 30 seconds when crucial, and
    nothing else.  I used to do the hands-free thing for hours, catching up
    with relatives, etc.  Didn’t think I was doing anything dangerous.