Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Adds Crossing Guards, Parking Officers to Protect School Kids From Drivers (City Insider)
  • Santa Rosa Driver, 81, Arrested For Chasing Bicyclist Down on Golf Course (Press Dem, KTVU)
  • Sunnyvale’s Anti-Harassment Ordinance for Bicyclists Takes Effect (Bay Citizen)
  • Antioch Woman, 34, Killed on Bike By Truck Driver (CBS)
  • Man Killed on Bike By SUV Driver Between Walnut Creek and Concord (CoCo Times)
  • SFBC Commuter Profile: BART Pilot Simplifies a Woman’s Dual-Bike Commute
  • Alta Bike Share Says Current Delays Shouldn’t Affect Roll-Outs in Other Cities (Bike Portland)
  • KTVU Struggles to Show the “Parklet Controversy”
  • Many Illicit Disabled Parking Placards May Be Taken From Deceased Relatives (SacBee)
  • Silicon Valley “Safe Ride” Program For Drunk Teens Ends Due to Lack of Funds, Volunteers (PA Online)
  • Roadshow: Drivers Recount Horrifying Tales of Killing Pets on Neighborhood Streets (Mercury News)

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  • mikesonn

    KTVU finds San Jose and Walnut Creek folks to complain about “lack of parking”. Well done, KTVU. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  • mikesonn
  • Foo

    I hope Rob Anderson hears the cries of anguish from San Jose and Walnut Creek. Save them Rob, you’re their only hope in the War Against Cars.

  •  And not surprisingly they include a clip of an illegal u-turn on Valencia.

  • mikesonn

    Driver runs red light at 8am on Saturday killing motorcyclist, police response:

    “It was a tragic accident, honestly,” Officer Albie Esparza said. 

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable. We gotta keep pounding away at the utter inanity of this societal acceptance of motorists killing people.

  • The Greasybear

    Isn’t he the same officer who offered up excuses for the motorist who ran a red light and killed a pedestrian?  

  • mikesonn

    I believe he is the “spokesperson” for the SFPD so probably.

  • Guest/EL

    Regarding the parklet at Fabric8 Gallery, isn’t the art that’s for sale on the parklet a misuse of the parklet itself since part of it is being used to store/display their wares?

  • mikesonn

    Anecdotal evidence: people park their for-sale cars on public streets ALL THE TIME.

  • Guest/EL

    Doesn’t make the misuse of the parklet OK – especially when saying on TV that it’s for the public’s use.

  • mikesonn

    I’m not saying anything about the use of the parklet, just pointing out that you’re being hypocritical, per usual.

  • The parklet itself is for sale and since it was designed/constructed by artists, it’s “public art”.  If it were “just a bunch of cafe tay…tables” on a platform constructed by tradesmen, then it wouldn’t be “public art”.
    That’s why “it’s actually public art” (“that is for sale right now on craigslist”).

  • 94013er

    Fabulous. Meanwhile, the waste of traffic policing goes unabated, as more motorcycle cops pop cyclists for ‘violations’ on the Wiggle, as I witnessed on Steiner at 1pm today (a very low-traffic time, as many kids are now back at school).

  • Of course it’s obvious that San Franciscans have their priorities backwards. Creating pleasant public space for people to enjoy their neighborhood and socialize with their neighbors is far less important than low cost car storage for people from other towns. In fact, we should pave over all our parks and green spaces to better accommodate the cars of people who don’t live here. It’s unreasonable to expect anyone visiting Valencia Street to take BART since they would have to walk an entire block from Mission Street to get there.The needs of car drivers passing through or parking are always more important than quality of life of people living in a neighborhood.