Today’s Headlines

  • Muni Slipping on On-Time Performance, Gaps and Bunching (SF Exam)
  • BART Spends $10.8M “Surplus” on Night Bus Service, Worker’s Comp, and More (SFGate,SF Exam)
  • BART Looks to Balance Increasing Ridership With Bike Access (SPUR)
  • As Car-Share Booms, Prospective Company Asks SFMTA to Change Parking Policies (SFGate)
  • SFPD Car in the Market Street Bike Lane Seen With Apparent False Ticket (Uptown Almanac)
  • Fremont Man’s House Crashed Into for the Eighth Time (KTVU)
  • More Info On Muni’s New Hybrid Buses (Including Renderings) (Public Press)
  • Pro-Parking Meter Petition Gets a Spot on SFGate’s City Insider
  • KRON‘s Stanley Roberts Catches More Drivers Behaving Badly on Lakeshore Ave. in Oakland
  • SFPD Still Seeking Hit-and-Run Driver Who Intentionally Ran Over Man in Bayview (ABC)
  • Repairmen Accused of Stealing $40,000 from CaltrainTicket Machines (CBS)
  • Two-Car Rollover Crash Blocks L-Taraval in Outer Sunset (Ocean Beach)

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  • Mario Tanev

    Regarding Muni’s new bus fleet: is it just me or are Muni’s color schemes depressing and gloomy? In addition the interior is awkward with very disparate seat configurations (I see them all the time on the 36 Teresita), awkwardly small doors with very awkward doors. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something is off-putting about Muni’s buses (perhaps the colors need to be more pastel?). Compare for example to the moden, yet upbeat look of the following agencies’ fleet:

    AC Transit:
    LA Metro:
    Santa Monica Big Blue Bus:

  • SteveS

    I could see the silver and red working in some sort of heavy-industry centered metro, but it feels completely out of character for SF. Why not go with the maroon and gold scheme of the cable cars for the whole fleet?

  • Anonymous

    The problem is that Muni buses and LRVs look slow. It’s a combination of the non-aerodynamic shape and the gun metal grey paint scheme more usually seen on battleships. By contrast the historic streetcars look both sleeker and cuter. Muni should go with orange- already used for the metro stations, and also a nod to the Giants.

  • Joel

    They should take a clue from many Asian countries which have the futuristic-looking transit thing down.

  • mikesonn

    Muni: looks slow because it is slow.

  • HoJo94110

    Mike, yes, muni is slow and getting slower. Three of my five outbound commutes this week involved a breakdown, a cancellation and an inexplicable delay. It’s out of control, and I am “this” close to driving to work every day next week.

  • Richard Mlynarik

    They should take a clue from many Asian countries which have the futuristic-looking transit thing down.

    “Buy American” vehicles surely being the first step.  Proudly made in sheltered workshops by the developmentally challenged.  Designed to sit idling when not broken or out of service.

    Nothing a new MTA logo won’t fix!

  • Anonymous

    I think it has to do with the cost of paint. Battleship gray is probably the cheapest. Also hides the grime.